[NEW] Novel to Drama Adaptation ‘The Ten Deadly Sins’

Two confirmed casting news for Youku produced 2016 drama ‘The Ten Deadly Sins’ [十宗罪].


Today, it’s been confirmed that Zhang Han and Eric Tsang will star in the 2016 adaptation of the 2010 novel series by 蜘蛛.


Hua Long, Su Mei, Bao Zhan and Professor Liang comprise the SIG (Special Investigation Group). This group deals with the extremely abnormal and twisted investigations of homicide cases that are difficult to crack. In each process of solving each case, each member must face their own dangers, conspiracy and growth.


It’ll be interesting to see what roles each of these men will play. Although, personally, I can’t imagine Zhang Han in a modern crime show. For some reason…his appearance just seems too chaebol-like for me O_O.

Does anyone else get that vibe?



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