Hi everyone!

Thank you for those that have started following my blog and leaving comments. This is just a notice to let you know the reasons as to why the releases are slowing down a little.

Coming up to the Christmas season, I know you all have more time to spare to read translations and I would love to be able to provide them for you…

For Nirvana in Fire specifically, the next few chapters become a bit more difficult in the way that various things are phrased, so it is taking longer than I expected. I am also preparing to go away over the Christmas/New Year period and will be without access to my laptop/internet.

This unfortunately means that from roughly next week onwards, I will be on a one month hiatus with translations. As I upload as I translate, I don’t have a backlog of chapters to release. For this I’m sorry.

I hope you will all be able to bare with me and return to reading Nirvana in Fire in 2016 ^.^

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


I hope you enjoy, and do forgive me for anything that is amiss. Just leave a comment and I will endeavour to fix it. Let’s help each other out ^.^

These series’ will be translated to English from the Vietnamese version.

The translations won’t be 100% accurate since it’s a second hand translation, plus I’ve also taken the liberty of grammatically correcting some sentences. After all, direct translations never really read very well.

Silent Separation

Original writing: Novel Silent separation 《何以笙箫默》
by Gu Man 《顾漫》

With the permission of the wonderful author at Khiết Nha.

Chapter 01


Original writing: Novel Lang Ya Bang 《琅琊榜》
by Hai Yan 《海宴》

This starts at Chapter 8 from the 1st Edition.

Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile

ORIGINAL WRITING: NOVEL Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile 《微微一笑很傾城下載》
BY GU MAN 《顾漫》

6 thoughts on “TRANSLATIONS

  1. noir says:

    Hi. Thanks for your translators so far. I’m really enjoyed reading Nirvana in fire. Love the drama as well. But reading the novel also has different attraction.TT.Waiting for new chapters. Please updates soon if you can. Thanks again:-)


    • imomusings says:

      Hello ^.^

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the translations so far! I would love to get the next chapters out as fast as possible but since it’s coming up to Christmas season, unfortunately the rate of translation will be slowing down. I will also be away over the Christmas and New Year period T_T.

      Hopefully I can fit in maybe 1-2 more chapters before then~~


  2. jaelaun says:

    I don’t know why it took me so long to find this! I finished the LYB drama awhile ago and was constantly searching for the novel translated in English (curses for my decision to take Japanese instead of Chinese in high school!). Thank you for the translations!

    I’m getting a new outlook on the characters and I’m really really loving it. ❤


    • imomusings says:

      ^.^ Not a problem.

      I was lucky enough that my second language is Vietnamese so I was able to find a source relatively quickly. I’ve started translating the next chapter (i.e. seven) but it’s slow going since I’m about to start work next month. Hopefully I can get at least two more chapters out.

      The novel definitely adds a new dimension to the characters that simply isn’t possible to portray on screen.

      I may go back and translate a few chapters that can be regarded as character based (which is found in the other currently published version to what I am using). There’s a princess character that I’m interested in introducing ^.^

      I hope that you’re having a good 2016 so far, and thank you for joining me here on this translation adventure =)


    • imomusings says:

      Hi ^.^

      I definitely will, but it won’t be until at the earliest, beginning of August. I only have one month left on my internship and don’t have enough brainpower at the end of the day to do the translation justice.

      I would rather take longer but have something that makes sense. I know that at least one other translation group has picked up NiF but they are using a different version to me.

      If you don’t mind that then they will probably update faster as they have a team compared to just me xD.

      Extremely sorry everyone for being absent for so long~~~
      And thank you for your continued love and support~~~~


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