I find that the best Chinese dramas are those considered as ‘costume’ or ‘period’ dramas. These tend to be less about fighting and more about palace intrigue, romance and drama.

Below are the ones that I have watched and my thoughts about them.

References for chinese dramas


A Clear Midsummer Night

Title: 盛夏晚晴天 / Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian
English title: Clear Midsummer Night
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 47

Legend of Ancient Sword

Title: 古剑奇谭 / Gu Jian Qi Tan
English title: Swords of Legends / Legend of the Ancient Sword
Genre: Ancient Wuxia Fantasy, RPG, Romance
Episodes: 50

Scarlet Heart

Title: 步步惊心 / Bu Bu Jing Xin
English title: Scarlet Heart / Startling by Each Step / Startling Step By Step / Treading On Thin Ice
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Episodes: 35

The Four (2013)

Title: 少年四大名捕 / Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu
English title: The Four
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 50

The Legend of Fragrance

Title: 活色生香 / Huo Se Sheng Xiang
English title: Legend of Fragrance
Also known as: 蝶香 / Die Xiang
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 42

A Different Kind of Pretty Man

Title: 不一样的美男子 / Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi
English title: Not The Same Handsome Man / A Different Kind of Pretty Man
Genre: Fantasy, action, romance
Episodes: 20

Boss & Me

Title: 杉杉来了 / Shan Shan Lai Le
Also known as: 杉杉的美味爱情 Shan Shan De Mei Wei Ai Qing / 杉杉来吃 Shan Shan Lai Chi
Genre: Romance, Modern Drama
Episodes: 34

Best Time

Title: 最美的时光 / Zui Mei De Shi Guang
English title: Best Time
Also known as: Secrets hidden by time (被时光掩埋的秘密) / Most Beautiful Time
Genre: Modern metropolitan drama, romance
Episodes: 40 + 2 Specials

White Lies

Title: 真爱谎言
English title: White Lies
Genre: Family, Drama
Episodes: 38

Legend of Female Prime Minister

Title: 陆贞传奇
Known as: Lu Zhen Chuan Qi / Legend of Lu Zhen / 女相 / Nv Xiang / Legend of Female Prime Minister
Genre: Period Drama, Romance
Episodes: 59

Nirvana in Fire

Title: 琅琊榜 / Lang Ya Bang
English title: Nirvana in Fire
Genre: Period drama, politics, revenge
Episodes: 55

The Lost Tomb 1

Title: 盗墓笔记
Title (romanised): Dao Mu Bi Ji
English Title: Grave Robbers Chronicles / Grave Robbery Note
Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Episodes: 12

The Journey of Flower

Title: 花千骨 Title (romanised): Hua Qian Gu English Title: The Journey of Flower Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Fiction, Novel, Angst Episodes: 58 (TV), 54 (Original)

Legend of Ban Shu

Title: 班淑传奇/ Ban Shu Chuan Qi English Title: Legend of Ban Shu Genre: Period drama Episodes: 42

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