[SERIES REVIEW C-DRAMA 2018] 《飘香剑雨》The Lost Swordship

Not having watched the previous 1978 version of this drama, nor read the novel, after the first 5 episodes, I had really high hopes. The main male lead, Yi Feng (played by Ren Yanqi), is powerful, humorous and smart. Yet the character began to degrade with the increase in the importance of the female lead, Sun Min’s (played by Wi Youshi) story.

Considering the drama/novel is titled The Lost Swordship, and it is evident the male character is the main, one would think that there would be more emphasis on the development of his sword skills and journeys in the jianghu than the displayed emphasis on her life story and ultimate rise to power through nothing but sheer bloodline.


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[SERIES REVIEW C-DRAMA 2018] 《琅琊榜》Colourful Bone

Hello everyone~ I know it’s been a super long time and I really shouldn’t be making any excuses. In light of my college graduation coming around the corner, I am no unemployed and no longer in schooling so time is aplenty. I’ll be getting back to translating soon, but in the meantime, I have a series review/recap/impressions for you all.

Note: A large chunk of this will look familiar if you follow AVirtualVoyage. As I’ve mentioned before, I work with the wonderful team there on their blog sometimes and this is one that I created for them and transplanted here.

This post will also include complete episode recaps when I get around to it, but for now, only the first two pages have content so enjoy~

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