[NEW] Manga to Anime(?) Adaptation ‘Fight Breaks Sphere / 斗破苍穹’

Another Tencent adaptation in the pipeline is this manga by artist Tiancan Tudou 天蚕土豆 (not actually sure if that’s his name…)

bd3eb13533fa828b416a6eb8fe1f4134970a5a24From the information on Baidu, a film adaptation was made this year, with the animation version being made next year.

The online synopsis for this manga:

In a land where there is no magic, a land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey, a land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Xiao Yan, who has shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything three years ago – his powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?


4 thoughts on “[NEW] Manga to Anime(?) Adaptation ‘Fight Breaks Sphere / 斗破苍穹’

    • imomusings says:

      I had no idea about this manga to be quite honest LOL. I stumbled across the synopsis only recently. The drama was released this year by Wanda Films China (at least I THINK that’s what they call themselves…) Although…I’m not certain about the movie release information so don’t quote me on that xD

      If you can read Chinese, this is a small snippet of the info for the movie link. Only the first part concerns Fight Breaks Sphere.


      • Yun says:

        Well I wouldn’t say it’s the best ever anyway but it is rather entertaining 🙂

        Unfortunately I can’t read chinese ;( I will lament to the end of the days about that ~ So many c-novels I’m missing that way ><


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