Comparing Gu Man’s Three Novels

Ahoy me hartys arrrrr~~ *coughcough*

Ok….I probably should never attempt that again…

On with the post ^.^

Today, I would like to write a comparison of Gu Man’s three novels/drama adaptations:

  1. Boss & Me [杉杉来了]
  2. My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] and
  3. Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile [微微一笑很倾城]

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Zheng Shuang & Yang Yang in ‘Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile”


OMGSH OMGSH OMGSH!!! Ok so on my random ventures to fine drama news today, I saw on Cfensi’s blog that Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang are collaborating in a new drama to be released in 2016, based on Gu Man’s novel Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile, 微微一笑很倾城. I’ve also seen the translation for it as Just One Smile is Very Alluring, with an english novel translation here.
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