[NOTICE] Translations Hiatus

Hi everyone!

Thank you for those that have started following my blog and leaving comments. This is just a notice to let you know the reasons as to why the releases are slowing down a little.

Coming up to the Christmas season, I know you all have more time to spare to read translations and I would love to be able to provide them for you…

For Nirvana in Fire specifically, the next few chapters become a bit more difficult in the way that various things are phrased, so it is taking longer than I expected. I am also preparing to go away over the Christmas/New Year period and will be without access to my laptop/internet.

This unfortunately means that from roughly next week onwards, I will be on a one month hiatus with translations. As I upload as I translate, I don’t have a backlog of chapters to release. For this I’m sorry~~.

I hope you will all be able to bare with me and return to reading Nirvana in Fire in 2016 ^.^

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



6 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Translations Hiatus

  1. noir says:

    Ohh… Have a great holiday:-) I can wait. I just want you translate to the end. Coz some sites stopped translating only after a few chapters. I really appreciate your work since I can’t read Chinese( though I understand and speak a little) and I’m desperately wanted to read NIF. Again thank you so much and waiting for your comeback…;-)


    • imomusings says:

      I will definitely continue translating this to the end. I’m taking it as a test of my bilingual skills. It’s a good way for me to brush up on my mother tongue as well ^.^

      I may be a bit slower than most other translators, mainly because I’m the only one translating compared to an entire team.

      I appreciate every single one of my readers ^.^

      If you ever find something lacking or believe to be incorrect. Do let me know and I’ll attempt to fix it~

      Thank you for following and reading ^.^


  2. stoccarda says:

    Thank you for putting so much time in such a ‘seemingly endless’ project. I loved the TV Show a lot, but I’m just kind of a book person. Take your time =) and a happy new year


  3. seow54 says:

    Thanks for your hard work. I would certainly have to bear with the long separation from a good read and will really look forward to your return from a well deserved rest so that we (fans) can have many more hours of reading pleasure. Happy Hols! Best Wishes from one who wished had properly learnt more Mandarin ( when young, of course!)


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