[NEW] Novel to Drama: Ding Xiao’s ‘Legend of Chusen / 诛仙’ Casting



Another novel to drama adaptation for 2016 is the the series Zhu Xian, to star Li Yi Feng (as Zhang Xiao Fan), Yang Zi (as Lu Xue Qi), Angelababy (as Bi Yao) and Qin Junjie (as Ceng Shu Shu) The series will also have the appearances of the TFBOYS, Wang Yuan as young Zhang Ziao Fan, Wang Jun Kai as young Lin Jing Yu and Yi Yang Qian Xi as  Xiao Qi. (Casting information is correct at time of this post. As we all know, until such time as filming officially begins, this can still be changed.)


The novel synopsis is as follows:

There are no gods in this world; however, since the beginning of history, human beings observed the phenomena occurring around them. Various assortments of strange occurrences, unable to be created or withstood by human capabilities, appeared: lightning, storms as well as many other natural disasters cause death and destruction. As result, humans thought that above there are nine heavens containing the myriad gods; while below exist the nine nether-worlds containing the spirits and ghosts, in hell.

So, the rumor of gods spread around the world. Many humans created their own imaginary gods, praying for days and night; hoping for protection from suffering and harm.

Since ancient times, every living thing must die and meet its end; however, due to fear of Yama (The Lord of Death), humans began to seek the secrets of immortality.

When placed in comparison with other creatures human beings face physical disadvantage; however, they use everything available for advantage. Operating in the willful search of immortality many intelligent people, one after another, spent their entire lives seeking. So far, although true immortality has not been found, select cultivators are able to control significant power within a mortal body. Utilizing the strength of espers some could even deeply affect the world; harnessing powers as strong as thunder. By legend, such people were even said to live for thousands of years without succumbing to the ravages of death. As people’s thoughts turned to the world of the immortals, larger and more significant numbers began the pursuit of spiritual cultivation.

Shenzhou is a wide and boundless land, especially the Central Plains, bearing the most fertile of soil. Nine tenths of the world’s population inhabited the rich localities. However, the wastelands surrounding the Central Plain were dangerous. The landscapes where perilous to travel and inhabited by dangerous beasts and poisonous plants; even the people were barbarians who guzzle blood and consume flesh. Legends speak of spiritual beasts which still inhabit the dark valley and forests.

Today, many people continue the search for immortality. The land of Shenzhou is wide, providing home to many wise individuals with diverse beliefs. Immortality, to this day, still has not been found and the cultivators have begun to split into different factions, of both Good and Evil, with conflicts arising between them.

With immortality still in the distance, the power brought forth from cultivation became of important focus to many people.

Today, the Good became strong, while the Evil hid themselves. The three main factions of the good were Jadeon, Skysong and Incense.

Our story began at Jadeon.

The following character descriptions can be found via wiki:

  • Zhang Xiao Fan (张小凡): The male protagonist of the novel. His potential and ability is just an average person, but because of fate, he is able learn the cultivation from Fu (Buddhist), Dao (Taoist), and Mo(“Heretics”). He was born in a village called Grasstemple. One night, when he was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed, leaving only his childhood friend Lin Jin Yu and a villager Uncle Wang survived. They were later adopted by the Qing Yun faction, the leader of the righteous and good.
  • Lu Xue Qi (陆雪琪): The female protagonist of the novel. She is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun. She is said to be a “fairy from nine skies” for her beauty that can enchant the entire country. In the novel adaption, it has been said that Lu Xue Qi has had feelings for Zhang Xiao Fan since he first came to the Qing Yun. She is also the top virtual idol in China.
  • Bi Yao (碧瑶): Often time there are arguments about Bi Yao, “Is she another female protagonist of the novel?” She is the daughter of the archlord of Gui Wang faction. Very energetic and arrogant. Because her love for Zhang Xiao Fan, she died for Zhang Xiao Fan under the sword Zhu Xian.

I have yet to find a fully compiled translation of the novel, but I do know that there are parts floating around. If you can read Vietnamese, the story can be found here.

The series will be broadcast on Hunan TV with the air date yet to be confirmed.

Filming starts end of 2015.

The novel series has already had a game version made called Jade Dynasty.


One thought on “[NEW] Novel to Drama: Ding Xiao’s ‘Legend of Chusen / 诛仙’ Casting

  1. lifewithdramas says:

    Li Yi Feng and Yang Zi? Hmmm, interesting pairing. Yang Zi has been on a roll lately rising fast in popularity. I haven’t seen her in Da Yang Ge but i watched Battle of Changsha and was quite touched by her performance. Li Yi Feng has not yet thoroughly amazed me though. Definitely checking this drama out though.


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