White Lies

Title: 真爱谎言
English title: White Lies
Genre: Family, Drama
Episodes: 38
Run time: 45 minutes
Release date: June 24, 2012

Li Yi Feng is so cute in this drama it’s not even funny.

He spends more time under the table hiding than saying lines…

He plays Jiang Xi Yu, an autistic man who has been kept away from the outside world by his overbearing mother. He is the direct heir to a large conglomerate but has never been introduced to any of his families contacts or employees. The only people he interacts with are his mother, sister, household helpers and direct medical personnel in charge of his care.

There is one other, his older, male cousin.

Li Zong Han as Han Zhen Yu

Confident, competent and charismatic, he adores Xi Yu with all his heart. However, his love is no match for the need for revenge of his supposed, ‘family’.

In order to attain status and further his career, he can even give up on love and his own moral character.

He carelessly pushes away the one he truly loves for someone who can help him gain power

How far will he go to seek revenge?

Ultimately, his family is his downfall and even love isn’t enough to keep him going.

The one person who never treats him badly is, surprisingly, his autistic cousin.

Li Yi Feng as Jiang Xi Yu

He is an autistic man who has led a very sheltered life as a result of his mother’s actions to hide him from the world.

He is sensitive and artistic with an outstanding memory. Normally very calm, when faced with emotional distress he will withdraw from those around him into his own little world.

He normally hides under tables or crouches in a corner. Until he is given a charm by nurse Xu (which gets really annoying, really fast).

He is innocently attracted to nurse Xu, who he finds comforting. Unbeknownst to him, this will change her path in life.

He finally receives acceptance from his mother and finds love. Learning to depend on himself and be amongst society along the way.

Fiona as Nurse Ying Xu

She is cheerful, energetic and optimistic. The primary nurse in charge of Xi Yu’s care. She is also the ‘daughter’ of an important business partner of Xi Yu’s mother.

She will do anything for love and finds herself in a complex relationship with the men of the Jiang family.

She is the only one that is able to bring Xi Yu out of distress when he withdraws from the world. She is also the first to take steps towards bringing him out into society.

Unknowingly, she is brought into Xi Yu’s world and heart.

Here’s a nice relationship chart posted on Baidu:

This drama is one of Li Yi Feng’s hidden gems. I have yet to find it subbed in English but there is a version dubbed (terribly) in Vietnamese.

I love Yi Feng’s acting in this and it truly shows his acting capabilities (although there is still much to be developed considering this was broadcast in 2012). He’s the lead male without having an overpowering character that just takes over the drama. Rather, it’s his silence in character that makes this drama the most interesting.

I can’t say that his acting as a person with autism is 100% accurate, but it’s enough to get across the character’s social awkwardness and inability to interact with those around them. It’s interesting that they’ve used art as the form of genius for his character. It’s a smart move since they incorporate it as a plot device to further along the love story.

There’s enough mix of love, family angst, revenge and tragedy in this drama to keep you occupied for a fairly long time. Although I must admit, I couldn’t watch all 38 episodes in one sitting. It would be fair to say that I only stuck around for Yi Feng’s and Fiona’s scenes. Which amount to a fair portion of the drama considering the two are the main characters.

If you can stand to watch it in RAW or dubbed in Vietnamese, do let me know what you think.

You can watch this drama RAW:


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