A Smile Is Beautiful [微微一笑很倾城]

It’s been a while since I updated on this drama, but at least now we game characters for our lovely leads~~

Some nice pic updates of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s game characters:

This costume makes him seem so…ethereal and godly, like a divine being amongst mortals *cries*. I really did NOT picture his avatar like this at all…but it’s a nice surprise~~

Sadly, the only pic I can find of Zheng Shuang in costume is this one:


Well at least her character description of ‘red-clad heroine’ stays true to form…I wonder if they’ll put her in pants, a flowy dress or make her look like an amazonian warrior xD



3 thoughts on “A Smile Is Beautiful [微微一笑很倾城]

    • imomusings says:

      I can sort of understand why they dressed him like that, because he’s supposedly a ‘god’ in the game (as in everyone reveres him). Although a game character looking like that….I would SOOOOOO play the game if I could customise my avatar to look even remotely like him O_o”


      • Yun says:

        AAAaaah! Yes I didn’t even think of it xD but yeah that makes sense…
        Hahaha so you’d play a male character?


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