Doctor Stranger

Title: 닥터 이방인
English title: Doctor Stranger
Genre: Medical,  Romance
Episodes: 20
Network: SBS

A medical drama with a touch of espionage. Who doesn’t love a good thriller, even more so when you have handsome men like Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin in the lead. Yes…I did refer to Jong Suk as a man! The wonders of being born young~~~

Misunderstandings and suspicions results in a young Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) and his father, being sent to North Korea. He spends his teenage and early adulthood there, developing his skills in medicine and becoming a genius thoracic surgeon. He falls in love during high school, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, loses the love of his life.

He eventually escapes to South Korea, but not without personal losses. There he attempts to find his love, all the while keeping his upbringing in North Korea a secret. Until his hand is forced at Myungwoo Hospital and his journey to the truth begins.

Official Site

I’ve found that the episodes on Youtube that are english subbed don’t appear full screen. Your best bet is to download the torrent version from WITH and the srt files from subscene.


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