Legend of Ancient Sword

Title: 古剑奇谭 / Gu Jian Qi Tan
English title: Swords of Legends / Legend of the Ancient Sword
Genre: Ancient Wuxia Fantasy, RPG, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: Hunan TV

Synopsis from Wiki:

Set during the Tang Dynasty, a young and quiet swordsman name Baili Tusu (Li Yi Feng) is infected by the aura of an ancient demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. Living with the dark energy, he grew up without family. Until one day, he meets a friendly girl Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi) along with a group of heroes, and together they wander the land to seek out destiny and bring balance to the world.

The Couples:

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 This is another one of the RPG to drama series which means that the CG in this is out of this world. As in nearly every scene is CG and green screen work. There is no way you can NOT tell that it is.

That aside, the story is a bit tragic with a main character that is so angst-riddent that you wonder how he ever survived. Although having Li Yi Feng play the character makes up for it. Even though he’s emotionless…I can’t help but think that he’s so cute in this. His personality is a bit anti-social towards anyone but his ‘older brother’, Ling Yue or his master, Reverend Yinzhen.

Yang Mi…is really annoying in this. Either the writer fell asleep at her parts or the her acting was really weird. Qingxue is the typical girl falls for boy at young age and obsesses over him. There’s no other way to describe it than obsession.

Another love obsessed character is Ouyang Shaogong. He is so obsessed that he goes from being a good character to an evil one.

I haven’t played the game myself so don’t know what the ending is meant to be, but the ending to the drama leave me rather crestfallen. It ends neatly but the character’s outcomes aren’t what I had hoped.

I do love how the female characters in this drama, other than Qingxue, are so badass though. Especially the Sword Immortal Hong Yu.

If you’ve watched this drama, let me know what you think.

《剑心》 [Heart of Sword] sung by Li Yi Feng


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