[SERIES REVIEW C-DRAMA 2018] 《琅琊榜》Colourful Bone

Episode Recaps 1-10

Episode 1

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The Emperor of Tian Chu suddenly disappeared during the most prosperous time of the kingdom. Feng Ru’ge named himself the counsellor and ruled decisively making others astonished.

Feng Ru’ge’s adopted daughter, Jing Shu, was chased and attacked by his enemies leaving him no choice but to send her to live at Hongyao Residence.

One day, at Hongyao Residence appeared the body of a woman, and with her was a motionless man standing on the cliff face. Jing Shu worked to revive the woman, but she was even more worried about the man on the cliff.

After a few days, due to failing strength, the man nearly fell off the cliff, Jing Shu and Uncle Kuan quickly rushed to help but the man refused to eat or drink.  They were then informed by the woman, who turns out to be Zhao Rushi, that the man was a death warrior and that he would only listen to his master’s orders.

In order to save him, Jing Shu revealed her secret of being a painter. She promised to help the woman change her face in exchange for the man’s ownership to be passed to herself.

Episode 2

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Jing Shu helps the woman change her face and she then leaves, but not before handing over the jade whistle that controls the man.

Episode 3

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At the appearance of someone with her original face, Zhao Rushi rushes to the cliff top to meet Jing Shu. Zhao Rushi attempts to stab Jing Shu but the knife is stopped by the death warrior, now named Lue Ying, who had suddenly appeared.

Lue Ying returns the jade whistle to Jing Shu only for Jing Shu to try and destroy it. Suddenly Lue Ying speaks and Jing Shu becomes excited that he can stay. At night, Lue Ying experiences a nightmare before running outside and being struck by lightning.

When Feng Ru’ge heard that a stranger had arrived at Hongyao Residence, he sent Han Guang to investigate and silently take him out. Lue Ying realised that Han Guang had arrived even before the security system of Hongyao Residence notified its masters. After fighting, Lue Ying’s hand injury reopens and Jing Shu fusses over him, making Han Guang jealous.

Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9
Episode 10

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