[SERIES REVIEW C-DRAMA 2018] 《琅琊榜》Colourful Bone

The Characters

Tong Mengshi (Thomas) as Lue Ying

 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

The silent, death warrior who never really has much to say but his words can cut you deep. Originally owned by Zhao Rushi, his freedom is bartered for by our heroine, Jing Shu. His martial art skills are incomparable and can only be beaten by Feng Ru Ge and the masked man. Not hailing from any prestigious schools or clans (that we know of at the beginning of the story), he completely believes that his life is worthless and at the behest of his master (i.e. whoever owns the golden whistle).

Revealed to be the missing Prince Renyi, we learn that he was kidnapped during the night that both his mother and father perished, leaving behind his younger brother to become Crown Prince.

This makes the love triangle/square between Lue Ying, Jing Shu, Chu Zi Fu (younger brother to Lue Ying) and Han Guang (martial brother to all three) even more complicated.

With the encouragement of Jing Shu, Lue Ying begins to learn to talk again and begins communicating with others, but his habits of old are hard to break. Still requiring his owner’s instruction before eating or sleeping. Due to this nature,  he is often the brunt of others’ jokes. Appearing beside her, he is willing to go through hell and high water to keep her safe, even to the point of willing to give up is life, a choice and not an obligation.

Wang Herun as Jing Shu

 photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Jing Shu is the adopted daughter of Feng Ru’ge and destined Queen. Gifted in medicine, she is the sole heir to the art of face painting. A skill that brings with it great responsibility as it essentially defies the will of heaven.

She originally resides in Hongyao Residence for her own safety from those that wish her adoptive father harm. Accompanied by Uncle Kuan and A Li, it is there that she meets and becomes the master of Lue Ying.

Caught in a love square, she wholeheartedly falls head over heels for our silent warrior who again and again risks his life to save hers.

Meng En as Chu Zi Fu

 photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Younger brother to Prince Renyi, eventually taking over the position of Crown Prince after the death of his mother and disappearance of his father and older brother. Growing up in tumultuous times and not being gifted in either martial arts or intelligence, he is led around by ministers with ulterior motives to fight against Feng Ru’ge. However, having grown up under Feng Ru’ge’s care and tutelage, and in love with Jing Shu, he isn’t too quick to be taken in by their schemes and machinations.

As children, he and Jing Shu had promised each other that they would marry when he was older and became King. It is this promise that he holds on to while fighting all the politics and outward enemies. Yet is it also this promise that brings him the gratest amount of heartache.

Zu Huai as Han Guang

 photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Han Guang is the older martial brother to both Jing Shu and the Crown Prince, and later, to Lue Ying. Brought up an orphan by Feng Ru’ge, he is Jing Shu’s silent supporter and more than happy for her to find her happiness elsewhere.

As the personal bodyguard to the Crown Prince, he gets away with small amounts of insubordination, but he is also subject to the Crown Prince’s tantrums.

At first, he is always at odds with Lue Ying, annoyed that the other is superior in skill to him, then annoyed over Jing Shu’s attachment. Later, he and Lue Ying become fast friends once Lue Ying becomes Fen Ru’ge’s disciple.

He is devoted to Feng Ru’ge.

Liu Chao as Feng Ru Ge

 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Jiang Bing as Uncle Kuan

 photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

Fang Cheng Cheng as Sister Ying

 photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Jiang Ruijia as A Li

 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg


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