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ôm quyền [抱拳] – fist wrapping / clasping hands (also known as fist wrapping ritual, a greeting used before formal martial arts fights)
nội công tâm pháp [其內功心法] – roughly translates to internal energy and mind method, I have instead used the term cultivation to replace ‘mind method’
mượn lực đẩy lực [此消彼長] – the meaning behind the term is to borrow your opponent’s strength and turn it into your own, think of the fluidity of Wudang martial arts – to borrow strength against strength
đại nhân [大人] /daren – suffix used for an official
[身法] shenfa – pose or motion of one’s body in martial arts

Xiao Jingrui looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and could do nothing but stand up.

Seeing the two standing opposite each other with their hands clasped, among the people present, a few couldn’t help but laugh. These two have fought against each other since they were children. Before they even learnt to walk, they already knew how to leave bite marks on their opponent’s face, but if you were to talk about a proper fight, then no one had really ever seen it before.

Of course, after focusing on watching the match with expectant eyes, only then could they see the first few moves. No one could help their feeling of condescension.

This is an important match? It’s obviously simply an exhibition performance.

Xiao Jingrui at least was better, he was familiar with fighting etiquette, but Yan Yujin was determined to show off. He pulled out all his most stylish moves, the most beautiful to watch, like a butterfly field in the hall. Sometimes, Xiao Jingrui’s offense wasn’t careful and got in the way of the performance of his next move, he would glare at him. Even more, he wouldn’t forget to choose an angle to reveal a charming smile to the Princess. He caused Princess Nihuang to laugh so much that she couldn’t sit up straight, she was gasping while waving her hand, saying, “Little…Little Jin…Enough, enough…I know that you’ve always been the most handsome…”

After an opening match like that, the atmosphere in the hall became extremely relaxed. Quickly, another person stood out to challenge and immediately, match after match of unusual excellence were performed without fail. Everyone had truly exceptional skills, and each had their own expertise.

After about four, five matches, the horse of a man, Baili Qi, finally stood up with his hand clasped towards a scholar of Daliang. A man who had already won a match but had also been able to rest for a match. In such a situation, no one was allowed to hesitate, of course his opponent immediately stood up.

“This person isn’t someone from the capital, do you know him?” Yan Yujin leaned over to his good friend and asked.

“Li Xiao is the most distinguished disciple of Wudang this generation, my father often praises him. His internal cultivation is very stable. He could be considered a worthy opponent of Baili Qi.” Xiao Jingrui answered in a low voice.

The two of them were still whispering with each other while the two on the field had begun their fight.

Every generation of Wudang was not without its masters, their internal energy and cultivation, their agility and movements all had its own unique points. Facing an opponent such as Baili Qi, Li Xiao had the appropriate offense and defense, every move was simple but held inherent power. In a few moments, they had exchanged over a dozen moves, but Li Xiao still didn’t show any signs of losing.

Of course, in the moment that everyone was complimenting Li Xiao’s magnificent move of borrowing strength against strength, Princess Nihuang suddenly inhaled sharply, while Meng Zhi also channeled his internal energy to call out loudly, “No!”

The echoes had yet to subside when Li Xiao’s body flew out, and was caught by Meng Zhi and eased to sit on the ground. At this time, he was drenched in sweat, his complexion, completely white.

Meng Zhi held his limp right arm to inspect, his eyebrows immediately wrinkled together.

Even though he was protected partly by Meng Zhi’s shout imbued with 10 parts of his internal energy, and so Baili Qi couldn’t sever the meridian pathways in his arm. All the bones had been broken, and the tendons were seriously damaged. Even though this young man grit his teeth and didn’t make a sound. From the pained look in his eyes, it was obvious that he knew this injury would make it very difficult for him to cultivate further.

“This is black jade ointment that physician Xuan Zhen xiansheng created. Apply it for three days consecutively and for the duration of half a month, don’t use any strength, and it will recover to its original state.”

Without being noticed, Mei Chang Su had quietly walked around to stand beside them. He placed a medicine bottle into Li Xiao’s pocket, and whispered, “You need to believe in Xuan xiansheng, recover well. There won’t be any after-effects.”

The black jade ointment was considered a rare concoction created by physician Xuan Zhen by those in the pugilist world. Even if you wanted to find it, you wouldn’t be able to. For someone he didn’t know to give him a full bottle made Li Xiao feel extremely fearful, but also thankful, to the point where he forgot about his pain. All he could do was stare at Mei Chang Su foolishly, speechless.

Meng Zhi nodded to Mei Chang Su, and called someone to assist Li Xiao away.

Baili Qi had now returned to his position, a look of indifference on his face as if his previous heavy-handed tactic was not noteworthy.

“Envoy Qi daren.” As it was the Crown Prince that suggested stopping at first contact, now he felt affronted and immediately, angrily stated, “Everyone participates with goodwill, yet your country’s warrior shows no benevolence. This is too much!”

The other candidates also cast angry eyes.

The envoy from Northern Yan stood up and proudly said, “We have endeavoured to comply with the Crown Prince’s will to not spill blood. Not to mention, a contest of strength and martial arts can hardly avoid injury. Northern Yan has always admired the strong, everyone knows this. Princess is someone who is part of the military world, and also knows that on the battlefield, there is no such thing as ‘benevolence’. What has warrior Baili Qi done wrong?”

The Emperor of Daliang unhappily said, “The palace is not the battlefield, your country’s warrior has been reckless. There will be no next time.”

That being said, this was a competition and the Emperor couldn’t pass punishment causing rumours to spread, so could only berate him like this. After the other party also made a sound of acknowledgement, nothing further was said.

Of course, after that, in the Northern Yan envoy’s cold smile, everyone could Baili Qi’s original purpose was not to simply look for an opportunity to showcase his martial arts. He continuously challenged seven opponents, within that number were two from Da Yu. Although he didn’t strike as ruthlesslessly as to break bones or sever tendons, but he still caused them no small amount of internal injuries.

In the end, there was only Yan Yujin and Xiao Jingrui that he didn’t pay attention to, not knowing whether it was because they weren’t worth being noticed or because he regarded them too highly.

Seeing Baili Qi victoriously return to his seat, with no intention of standing up again, Xiao Jingrui stood up sombrely and coldly held his fists saying, “I, Xiao Jingrui, challenge warrior Baili Qi.”

This was the first time today that Baili Qi had been challenged by someone else, his eyes flashed, but then he turned to his envoy and seeing him shake his head, his expression immediately became wooden. He shook his head and refused, saying “I’m tired.”

Xiao Jingrui knew that his name could easily be mistaken for that of a prince of Daliang, and suspected that this was the reason for his rejection. He hurriedly explained, “I am Xiao Jingrui, son of the Marquis of Ning, Xie Yu requesting a chance to go against your warrior. If warrior Baili Qi is tired, then he may rest a moment before giving me a few pointers.”

Baili Qi turned to look for a moment, but the envoy from Northern Yan continued to shake his head, so he once again stated, “No more fighting today!”

In fact, everyone knew that Xiao Jingrui’s personality didn’t like to compete or fight in such a situation as a martial arts competition like this. He always felt that regardless of winning or losing, there is no reason to develop grudges.

Yet today, Baili Qi’s actions were too much, at times it was obvious that his opponent had lost yet he would chase after them to strike them down, arousing the anger of this gentle youth, and so with blood boiling he took the initiative to make the challenge. After holding his breath and thinking that even if he was to be injured heavily then he would still need to make himself a setback against Baili Qi’s hostility. Xiao Jingrui couldn’t believe that as soon as he began, his opponent had rejected him. Though the other person really did just finish numerous matches continuously so Xiao Jingrui couldn’t say that he was using exhaustion merely as an excuse. So all he could do was stand there angrily a while before saying, “Then I welcome warrior Baili Qi to choose another time for you and I to fight.”

Baili Qi drank some tea, shook his head for the third time, and coldly said, “What is there to fight about on another day? With so many people here, if you really want to fight, then choose someone else.”

Seeing him adamantly refuse, The Emperor of Daliang suddenly thought of something and turned to glance at Meng Zhi.

The General of the Imperial Guards immediately understood his meaning, and hurriedly whispered, “Your Majesty, make no mistake. The people of Northern Yan are not showing signs of weakness, they simply know that Xiao Jingrui and Yan Yujin must have precious identities. Just then they also saw that they were acquainted with the Princess so they don’t want to offend the nobles of Daliang. In fact, Jingrui isn’t an opponent for Baili Qi.”

The Emperor of Daliang on hearing that, although his expression remained the same but his thoughts couldn’t help but become disappointed. Today, Baili Qi displayed such arrogance, as the leader of Dalian, of course he held hope that there was someone of his own country that could bring back some face, but it looked like this would be difficult.

While feeling disappointed, suddenly the Emperor saw Mei Chang Su below whispering to Princess NIhuang about an unknown topic. As soon as the Princess heard what he said, her face became shocked so he suddenly asked them, “Nihuang, what are you and Sir Su talking about?”

Princess Nihuang paused a moment and smiled hesitatingly, “Nothing…”

The Emperor of Dalian spoke angrily and with a sombre tone, “You dare to slight me, what are you talking about?”

Princess smiled and said, “Nihuang doesn’t dare! It’s just that Su xiansheng was discussing the previous fight that’s all, there really is nothing else.”

“Ah, what thoughts do you have? Speak and let everyone listen.”

Princess Nihuang looked at Mei Chang Su and seeing his helpless expression, couldn’t help but stand up and say, “Su xiansheng said that warrior Baili was too firm and easily breakable. His way of practicing martial arts has erred, and if the flaws are found, then even a few children could defeat him.”

Hearing this, the muscles on Baili Qi’s face twitched, displaying a sense of anger. However, the envoy of Northern Yan simply considered these words as the people of Daliang wanting to attempt and gain back some face. He immediately, and proudly, said, “These words can be true of anyone. If xiansheng is an expert, then please don’t hesitate to find his flaws and find a few children to defeat him. That would be great.”

Mei Chang Su hurriedly laughed saying, “I am only speaking nonsense. The two of you can be assured, warrior Baili could train to this stage is not easy. I will not carelessly ruin a person’s future.”

It was obvious that he was apologising, but hearing the words, they seemed to be determined, and the underlying meaning, clear, “The truth is, if I have said it, then it can be done. It’s just I don’t want to ruin your future.”

The envoy of Northern Yan who was very pleased, now hearing this statement could no longer feel relaxed and immediately said, “If xiansheng has such ability then please don’t hesitate to try in front of His Majesty. Although our warrior Baili Qi is tired, but he would still not dare to cause you dissatisfaction.”

“How can it be that fast?” Mei Chang Su smiled gently. “Even if a few children could immediately be found, I would still need a few days to teach them. It’s no matter, just think of it as me speaking nonsense and shouldn’t be paid attention to…”

The Northern Yan envoy saw that the more he spoke, the more it seemed to be like a sure thing. If right now they were to let it go, then people would think that the people of Northern Yan feared him. Baili Qi had struggled to gain face for Northern Yan. If Daliang were allowed to use words to gain it back, then he feared if the prince were to later find out then he would be seen as incompetent, how could he simply dismiss it. Immediately, he sneered, saying, “If xiansheng needs to train then we can wait. If Your Majesty decides on a day, then we will arrive immediately when called.”

Mei Chang Su’s expression was embarrassed and he mumbled, “I’m not familiar with the capital, where would I go to find children…”

Actually, to find children all he had to do was say the word, each person of Daliang here would immediately help him find a large group. Yet no one knew if he was telling the truth or simply wanted to aggravate Baili Qi, so they didn’t dare to open their mouths.

Seeing him say this, the Northern Yan envoy was even more certain that he was simply bluffing so he poured oil into the fire, “This is not a problem. I hear that in the capital’s martial art halls there are many students…”

“The children of the martial art halls are too strong, I’m afraid that warrior Baili Qi will be disadvantaged. More so, finding children who practice martial arts to surround him isn’t fair.”

Seeing it had come to this and he continued to boast, the Northern Yan envoy became angry to the point of clenching his teeth, “It is fine, we have no complaints.”

“No.” Mei Chang Su shook his head. “It must be weak children…In the palace and in each of your manors, are there any weak children?”

Everyone hesitated and did not dare to reply, fearing that if they were not careful, they would hinder more than help. Only Princess Jingning who did not clearly understand the situation, and more importantly, had just been confronted with the situation in the servant prison, immediately continued, “In the palace there is. In the servant prison there are many children. They are all skinny to the bone and pitiful.”

“The guilty slaves of the servant prison…” Mei Chang Su mumbled softly. “Indeed, very suitable, even more than the children of normal households. It’s just that, I’m not sure of Your Majesty will agree…”

Seeing him turn to look at him, the Emperor of Daliang momentarily had no way to determine whether he hoped that he would agree or hoped he would disagree. While he was indecisive, Meng Zhi leaned closer to whisper, “Your Majesty, please agree!”

The Emperor of Daliang greatly trusted this country’s first ranked master in martial arts and immediately replied, “I agree. Someone go tthe the servant prison and bring a few children here.”

Mei Chang Su inserted a comment, “Remember, the weaker the better.”

The Northern Yan envoy was so provoked by him, and menacingly stated, “Servants are still people yet, xiansheng wants these children to die a meaningless death, how ruthless.”

Princess Jingning, seeing that her casual comment had such consequences, became anxious and quickly interjected, “That’s right, isn’t this sending the children to their deaths? Imperial father, this definitely won’t do!”

“Princess can be at ease, I am still somewhat sure.” Mei Chang Su advised. “Even more, as a guilty slave, if they die while serving his majesty then it would be worth it. If the youths manage to win, then they will be greatly rewarded by His Majesty.”

Princess Jingning became angrier on hearing this. “Everyday they have to work laboriously in the palace, no matter how great the reward, they have no where to spend it. Of course their lives are more important!”

“That’s true.” Mei Chang Su looked up in thought. “These guilty slaves that hold no hope, I am afraid they may be lazy and not easy to teach. This idea is not very sound, they should not be chosen…”

As he watched them begin to choose people, the Northern Yan envoy was originally a little surprised. Now, seeing Mei Chang Su have the intention of taking a step back, his heart calmed only for him to ridicule, “Xiansheng speaks well, at this time you still try to support your decision. You only have to admit your wrong, our warrior Baili is not petty.”

Mei Chang Su gazed at him silently until he became uncomfortable before he gave a long sigh, “I have given you many chances but you are determined not to back down and try at least once. Then, I must apologise to warrior Baili.”

The Northern Yan envoy was very angry and was about to retort when the eunuch that had just followed orders and gone to the servant prison, returned. He stated, “Your Majesty, your servant has brought the five children.”

“Call them in.”


The outline of five children followed behind the eunuch and entered the court. They immediately shrank and knelt down close to the ground.

Prince Jing had started feeling suspicious, now seeing Tingsheng in that group, he understood. Seeing that everyone’s attention was directed to the other side, he hurriedly took the opportunity to whisper a few words to his imperial sister beside him, Princess Jingning.

“Lift your heads, report your ages, which guilty subject are you descended from?” The Liang Emperor’s voice was as cold as ice.

The five children were deathly afraid. Under the urging of the eunuch they took turns to shakily reply.

When it was Tingsheng’s turn, his face was white and in a small voice, replied, “Your guilty servant…eleven years old, the grandchild of…from Taihe…high scholar Jing Kui…due to the case of…condemnation…”

Mei Chang Su suddenly felt his heart ache and hurriedly took a sip of tea to cover his expression.

Thinking back now, in those circumstances of being held in the servant prison without any help from the outside. The females of Prince Qi’s household could unite and work together to create a fake identity for the child who had lost his father even before birth. Thanks to this, the child was able to escape from both the Crown Prince and Prince Yu who wanted to cut weeds and eliminate the roots. It really was worthy of much respect and exclaim.

But what caused people’s heartache was that these women who were so loyal had to endure so much torture that now, not many survived.

The five children had finished answering, the Emperor of Daliang did not pay much attention and simply made a sound of acknowledgement before turning to Mei Chang Su, “Are these children good?”

“Five is too much, we cannot be so disadvantageous to warrior Baili. Three is enough.” Mei Chang Su carelessly regarded them before pointing at three, in that number was Tingsheng. “Your subject is afraid that I may need to take them home to train for two days. Does Your Majesty allow?”

“Allowed. If after two days they win then I will greatly reward.”

Mei Chang Su sighed, “Your Majesty is profound, it is just that what the Princess has previously said is justified. These children are guilty slaves, there is no use in rewarding them silver that cannot be used.”

The Emperor of Daliang could not help but laugh, saying, “You have misunderstood. I meant to greatly reward you.”

“Oh?” Mei Chang Su startled. “Your subject needs no reward. The people exerting effort are they, Your Majesty should bestow your grace upon them.”

“They should also be rewarded.” Seeing the Northern Yan envoy listening up until now had been angered to such an extent that he was expressing great displeasure, the Emperor of Daliang could not help but feel extremely satisfied. “If victorious, I will reward…ah…reward…”

As he was thinking about what he should reward, Princess Jingning interjected, “Imperial father, you need to bestow a great reward for them to want to put in their all. Su xiansheng will then be able to train them well. My thoughts are, regarding these guilty slaves, the greatest reward would be absolution of their slave status so that they may leave the servant prison. To be able to find their own lives. Even if Imperial father rewards them a mountain of silver, it would be better to reward them this.”

Seeing the Princess be so sympathetic to these young guilty slaves today, to make her happy, not to mention these children were unimportant, the Emperor immediately agreed. “Agreed, I will listen to you. If they are meritorious in service, I agree to absolve them of their slave status and will order the Office of Internal Affairs to arrange accordingly.”

Princess Jingning was ecstatic, “Thanking Imperial father. Daughter knows that Imperial father is most holy and has a benevolent heart.”

“You are always easily moved. Just as a female, being easily moved is not too bad.” The Emperor of Daliang proudly looked at her before turning back to everyone. “Today will stop here. Three days later, before the written examination for the Princess, we shall see Su xiansheng’s ability to teach before the game of words.”

Everyone immediately stood up, and in unison replied, “At Your Majesty’s command.”

The Emperor of Daliang was helped up the internal attendants and returned to the inner palace. The people at court respectfully stood at attention, waiting for him to leave before taking turning around themselves.

At this time, both the Crown Prince and Prince Yu followed in an attempt to find out whether the amazing work by Mei Chang Su was true or not. Only Prince Jing quietly took his leave.

Mei Chang Su’s eyes held a look of appreciation, as if he could not help to compliment, “I did not think that His Highness, Prince Jing, to be so calm and steady without many words like this. Regardless of what happened, he never seemed surprised nor without control. He really has the air of a Prince.”

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu heard this, so the talent of qilin liked this temperament. They immediately swallowed their countless questions and faintly greeted him before ‘calmly and steadily’ leaving.

Mei Chang Su had dismissed both Princes with one comment, as he turned around, he saw Princess NIhuang with her lips pressed together in a smile. She nodded at him, impressed. To which he replied with a helpless smile.

Just then, Xiao Jingrui brought Tingsheng and Yan Yujin brought over the other two children. After only a few steps, the son of the Royal Uncle began to question, “Su xiong, are you confident? Just then we have determined, these children really do not know martial arts.”

“Not a problem, no one is born knowing martial arts. Jingrui, I must trouble you to let the Marquis know. These three children will need to return to Snow Cottage.”

“This is not an issue.” Xiao Jingrui closely supported his arm. “But Su xiong, two days later you should still let me challenge him first, I always feel…”

“That’s enough.” Mei Chang Su patted his hand soothingly. “You can be at ease, this Su xiong cannot teach myself but teaching others is not so bad.”

“If Su xiong says it can be done then it will be, you don’t need to be so nagging.” Yan Yujin laughed, saying, “You are already not as handsome as me, and now that you nag, you’re even more inferior than I.”

Everyong laughed loudly and the mood became much lighter. Only the three children continued to bow their heads fearfully.

Mei Chang Su knew that momentarily, there was no way of making them feel completely at ease and so was not in a hurry to converse with them. He simply signalled for the three children to follow him and the princess outside the palace. Princess Nihuang saw her younger brother standing at attention waiting for her, and Mei Chang Su had his good friends so would not need Mu manor to prepare a carriage. There was no need to linger any longer so she bid farewell.

At this time, the Marquis of Ning’s and Yan manor’s carriages arrived. Mei Chang Su led the three children onto the carriage. On the way back, there was no conversation. He simply lifted the curtain for them to see the market scenes outside. Xiao Jingrui sat in the same carriage and looked at Tingsheng’s sad face, remembering the first time they met. In his mind, he slowly came to understand and could not help but turn to glance at Mei Chang Su. Faced with this probing gaze, the sect leader of Jiangzuo faintly smiled, and nodded.

Although Mei Chang Su vowed to earnestly train these three children, but everyone that came to check the situation two days later found, in actuality, he was very relaxed. Other than the odd lines on the ground for the children to practice, it was as if he simply lay against the lounge under the shade of a tree. The person most hardworking jumping here and there, showing the moves was Fei Liu.

Even so, every guest would be sent away by him with careful reasoning, “secret skills must be kept secret”. They were only allowed to stand at the entrance for a short look before being forced out, causing the process of training to be even more secretive. Only Xiao Jingrui was somewhat special, occasionally he would be allowed to come in and sit. It was just, after watching for a time, even he started to feel something not right.

The following evening, first master Xiao once again entered Snow Cottage in greeting and took the opportunity to check on the situation. He was surprised to find that the children’s speed had become much faster than before.

“From yesterday afternoon until now, they have practiced for one and a half days yet they have improved so much. I would have to really concentrate to see each of their steps clearly.”

“These children may be skinny but they have patience, their willpower and concentration are far superior to a normal adult. They definitely cannot be underestimated.” Mei Chang Su answered while indicating to Fei Liu to adjust the children’s steps. “It’s just that, no matter how good their condition, two days is not enough to train them.”

“Ah?” Xiao Jingrui asked, surprised, “Then you mean…”

“Do not worry so much.” Mei Chang Su smiled. “If only these children were relied upon to defeat Baili Qi, then it is merely a daydream. To display true power, the footwork must be combined with the appropriate sword formation.”

“But…but…” Xiao Jingrui became even more anxious. “But no matter how refined or unified the footwork is, without the matching strength there is no way to display it. Baili Qi has strong internal energy, even if they were to risk their lives to withstand a few attacks, they would not be able to do much damage.”

“Jingrui.” Mei Chang Su looked at him gently. “You’ve practised martial arts for so many years, do you not know what it means to borrow strength against strength?”

“Borrowing strength against strength requires the appropriate leading skill. These children are fundamentally not versed in martial art techniques!”

“Of course technique cannot be taught in such a short period of time, but when combined with this swordsmanship, it becomes very mysterious. You will see at that time. More so, that Baili Qi, the more rigorous he is, the more his vulnerabilities will show and be easily attacked. I already know his achilles’ heel, that is why I dared to speak nonsense in front of his highness. What? Do you not believe in Su xiong?”

Xiao Jingrui was surprised for a moment before quickly saying, “Not at all. Su xiong is well learned under the heavens, Jingrui dares not to not believe, it is just in case…”

“Rest assured, although this situation is quite fun, but if there were any risks then I would not play.” Mei Chang Su easily stated. “The longer you disturb me, the more you lower my chances of success.”

Xiao Jingrui was shocked, and quickly replied, “Su xiong since you are busy, I will leave.” Once he finished saying this, he immediately left.

Mei Chang Su watched him leave and his eyes momentarily showed an unusual expression as he mumbled, “Of course the most honest are the easiest to deceive…Is it because you are honest and steady, not wanting the shortcut, that you know the more fancy, mysterious things are more untrustworthy?”

Fei Liu heard him speaking and immediately flew over looking at him with wide eyes.

“No, no we are not talking about our Fei Liu.” Mei Chang Su smiled gently, pushing aside a few stray strands of hair falling across his forehead. “Fei Liu has worked hard, they need to practice and be more familiar. They need to make everyone blurry eyed. Only then can Su ge ge scare everyone.”

“Too slow! Faster!” Fei Liu nodded heavily.

“That’s right.” Mei Chang Su encouraged. “Now is too slow, must be faster.”

Fei Liu immediately turned around and concentrated on the task of training the children.

Mei Chang Su leant back, relaxed, and although he was still watching them practice, his mind was elsewhere. After an unknown amount of time, he was awakened by Fei Liu’s comment.

“Uncle!” Fei Liu stood in the middle of the yard, breathing heavily, saying.

As he suddenly stopped, the children stood stunned, not understanding and not daring to move.

Mei Chang Su’s spirit had just returned, he had to think a  moment before understanding Fei Liu and quickly said, “You have practised a lot today. Fei Liu, lead your younger brothers to the west wing to sleep. There won’t be any need to come outside again.”


“That’s right, sleep. Tomorrow you have to wake up early to practice, that’s a good child.”

Fei Liu looked at the main house a moment, tilted his head in thought. As if he felt that being a good child was of great importance, he led the three young disciples to the west wing and quickly closed the windows.

Mei Chang Su slowly stood up and went into the main house that he resided in daily.

Just as Fei Lie said, Meng Zhi was seated beside the table. As soon as he saw him, he immediately stood up.

“Today was a bit tiring. Meng da ge, please close the window for me.” Mei Chang Su ordered the top martial expert of Daliang, while he went climbed into bed and covered himself in a thick blanket.

“You are very relaxed.” Meng Zhi closed the window before turning around to sit beside his bed and looked at his face steadily. “Tell me truthfully, what do you intend to do?”

“What is Meng da ge asking about?”

“Don’t pretend to be ignorant with me! I’m asking about what you did yesterday. Even though I still cooperated with you, but I have observed Baili Qi’s technique carefully. Too strong and easily breakable is really his weak point, but for these three children to beat him, even you cannot do it.”

“Meng da ge doesn’t believe in me?” Mei Chang Su laughed and said, “There is still one more day to see the results, at that time you will see whether I succeeded.”

Meng Zhi’s gaze stopped on his face. After a while, he sighed and his shoulders that were tense, relaxed. He spoke quietly, “Of course Baili Qi is one of your people…”

Mei Chang Su rubbed his ice cold hands together and warmed them up with his breath. “You guessed wrong. Baili Qi isn’t one of my people, it’s just that the person you see now isn’t the real Baili Qi.”

“In the end, what is going on?”

“If I want to create storms in the capital to further my goals then I myself have to become someone important. No matter how important the Crown Prince and Prince Yu see me, it is better that I catch His Majesty, the Emperor’s eye. So in organising this, I always planned to build my vast reputation.” Mei Chang Su’s eyes turned to the window facing the west as if wanting to see through the paper on the window to see the skinny boy lying in the west wing. “Now, because of Tingsheng, I have to alter my plans slightly and feel that this is better and more natural. It could be seen that the heavens are helping me.”

“Then, when the diplomats from Northern Yan went past the territories of the Jiangzuo Alliance, you captured the real Baili Qi and swapped plums for peaches?”

“Yes. In actuality, no matter the level of expertise in changing appearances, after a while there will be flaws. It’s just that Baili Qi was always in the manor of the prince and very little people have met him. His personality is also crude and appearance ugly. Not many in the convoy wanted to look at him closely. What’s more, the person impersonating him has an extremely meticulous personality. That’s why even until now they haven’t shown any flaws.”

“Then the plan to show restraint first and flaunt later of Northern Yan, this time…”

“This had been decided when they set out. Initially, Baili Qi would hide his strength, then suddenly rise and gather the troops. My people merely know the time and place, working to follow their strategy completely. That’s how they make sure no one else is suspicious.” Mei Chang Su simply said, “I have just told someone about borrowing strength against strength. If your opponent chooses not to act, then we cannot act.”

Meng Zhi nodded, as if thinking. In his mind, he understood more than half. With his cultivation and martial arts, more so now that it was the beginning of training, he could immediately tell that the footwork and swordsmanship had no strong ability to attack.

But after the children practised, the footwork and swordsmanship had a very obvious function, to trick and confuse people.

When a person’s process of attacking is unclear to others, nearly everyone will instinctively think that it must be extremely sophisticated, with amazing power. What the three children need to do is to cause everyone to not be able to see their footwork and body method. That way, when Baili Qi falls, everyone will feel that he was defeated by the complicated and unrecognisable martial arts.

“Still, to let the children fight is still a bit risky. After all Jin Diao Chai Ming and the Princess are both masters, their eyesight is not bad. If their body method is well practiced then it is fine, but if it has flaws then you have to think of another way.”

“Then I need to bother Meng da ge.” Mei Chang Su smiled while saying and brought his hands to again, warm them up with his breath.

“You’re covered in a fur blanket but still cold?” Meng Zhi held his hand, and could only feel that both his hands were freezing. He hurriedly rubbed them together in an attempt to warm them up, his heart, aching. “It still hasn’t reached the winter solstice and you’re already like this…Before, you were completely unafraid of the cold. I once even heard Prince Jing tease you about this, saying the young general of the Chiyan army was like a fire person. Able to wear the thinnest armour in the middle of a winter night, ride a horse in pursuit of the enemy for hundreds of miles, and back at camp would never see you shivering from the cold…But you now, your body so seriously injured…”

“Enough.” Mei Chang Su pulled his hands back, and blanket up high. His voice so small, as if as soon as they passed his lips, they melted into the wind. “That’s why I don’t like to meet with you often. I’m not the same person as the past, your constant comparison only causes sadness. Now, I do not want any emotional weaknesses like that, I hope that you, from now on…if you do not have to speak of such things, then don’t…”

Meng Zhi looked steadily at him, noting his pale and weak face, eyes were slightly red, trying to tamp down his emotions and softly spoke, “You are right. I really am a bit emotional, no better than a female!”

“Who dares to say that the number one expert in our Daliang is no better than a woman?” Mei Chang Su smiled gently to assuage him. “It’s just like Princess Nihuang. Although a female but, no less than a man.”

Meng Zhi also loudly laughed and stood up straight. “That’s right. We must always pay attention to not let her surpass us.”

“Meng da ge must leave already?”

“Um, you should sleep early. I will return tomorrow. If there is nothing important then I won’t come by.”

Mei Chang Su made a sound of agreement, planning to stand up and walk him out but was stopped by Meng Zhi. He wasn’t a stickler for etiquette, so simply smiled and did not insist.

Indeed, the next day, Meng Zhi did not turn up. It could be seen that the rate of improvement of the three children was satisfactory.

After dinner, Mei Chang Su once again reminded them of things to pay attention to, placating them that they shouldn’t be tense tomorrow before letting them return to their room.

Of course, Snow Cottage was never peaceful.

After about an hour, there was a surprise guest in the middle of the night.

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