The drama with too many names – 微微一笑很倾城 E01 Recap


Since even before the release of this drama, there were already a million and one names, Wei Wei’s Alluring Smile…Just One Smile is Alluring and now we go from Love O2O to match the movie…to Kiss Me.

I give up and just call it Game of Heaven, because, you know, in all honesty, the eye candy is just heaven *coughsyangyang*.

Episode 01

We finally get to start this wonderful journey that is Gu Man’s novel ^.^

The drama starts off a little differently to the novel in that we see a boss fight scene straight off the bat.

Introducing the characters of Lu Wei Wei Wei (heroine in red) and Zhen Shui Wu Xiang (golden haired archer), as well as a couple of guild mates. Of course with our heroine at the fore, the deadly beast is defeated and a unique prize is obtained.

The drama attempts to combine the real and game worlds by using chat bubbles like you would see for texting.

Does anyone actually live in a dorm this modern and neat O_O”

Not only is our female a goddess of the gaming world, but she has some smarts too. Look at her go fixing the electricity~ this makes me so happy seeing as I’m studying engineering as well!

Only to be informed by Er Xi (henceforth called pixie girl), that….she may have accidentally dropped the laptop yesterday ^.^

The girls head to a computer shop for spare parts, and on the way, see a poster for the next basketball competition. All the females on campus assume that the no.1 guy on campus, Xiao Nai will be playing so the excitement soars.


At the computer store, we get to meet spoilt brat 1 – in pink, and spoilt brat 2 – in stripes, (in all honesty, I didn’t even bother to remember their names *sighs*


Wei Wei and pixie girl arrive whilst the brats are about to pay 3 times market price for an item. In a show of good faith, Wei Wei attempts to guilt the store owner into giving the brats the proper price, only to be met with contempt from the very girls she’s trying to help.

We hear after a few moments, how the brat in pink is the no.1 female student on campus and Wei Wei is no.2. That goes a long way to explaining the antagonism shown by brats.

Finally, we get to meet our leading man! Xiao Nai is shown to be playing a game of Go (also known as baud or wéiqí) with his uncle (who happens to own an internet cafe).


I have no idea why, but the production team seemed to love close-ups of Yang Yang’s face at this point…

This is where our hero meets the heroine for the first time.


In true Yang Yang fashion, he just stands there, watching quietly (reminds me of Ruo Bai, Heartless and Kylin). The camera then zooms in to her long, dextrous fingers, and we can see that Xiao nah has become completely captivated.

Drum roll please, the three little pigs ^.^ uhhum, I mean Wei Wei’s dorm mates.


Going left to right: Er Xi i.e. pixie girl, Xiao Ling and Si Si.

When Wei Wei comes back to the dorm, Er Xi explodes with resentment against the brats for being so ungrateful. It’s obvious that Er Xi is the most dramatic out of the four of them, this can only mean trouble in the future *sweatdrop*.

The next day, we’re introduced to Cao Guang (re-named, nerd boy), who is a member od the photography group. According to the gossip from the spoilt brats, nerd boy managed to get a photo of Wei Wei arriving back on campus in a high end car. The girls connive, and manage to convince nerdy guy, to post a blog article making wild and inappropriate claims against Wei Wei.

In the mean time, Wei Wei has managed to repair her laptop and log back in to the game. After she trains a bit, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang messages her to meet in order to divorce.


Where to his surprise, she agrees with ease and nary a question. He attempts to pay her alimony via a high level sword, of which she refused. Take note of what this sword looks like:


After her surprise divorce, Wei Wei is met with another shock. She’s messaged by an in-game friend and told that people think she’s a renyao (a female avatar controlled by a male player) because she’s so strong and ranked so highly on the PK chart.

The next time she logs in, is the day that Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao get married. She controls her character to stand on the bridge that the procession must pass and has to leave to the bathroom. As her character zones out, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang sees her and smirks a little to himself thinking she was there for him. Not only does he see her, but also these three demonesses.

The people on the bridge finally realise that Wei Wei is standing there and the world chat explodes with all manner of theories. From groom stealing to an ex-wife scorned.


When Wei Wei finally returns, she’s flabbergasted by what she sees in the game chat and hurriedly thinks of a way out of the situation. Not before she receives a message from Zhen Shui Wu Xiang ‘disappointed’ by her since she refused his ‘parting gift’ the day before. This leads us to seeing the man behind the character:

This actor sort of reminds me of Zhang Zhe Han…no?

What ingenious plan does she come up with? Opening a 20% discount store for potions created by a maxed herbalist ^.^


After the procession passes and people start to leave, Wei Wei hears a voice calling to her from beneath the bridge.


Who is it if not our lovely Yi Xiao Nai He.


Who, with such a straight face, asks if she wants a wedding grander than this. If so, marry him.


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