Tornado Girl Season 2 [旋风少女2]


Good tidings dear readers and welcome to my first post back from partial hiatus ^.^

One of my all time favourite youth dramas from last year was Tornado Girl, and in large part it was thanks to the appearance of Yang Yang that I even started watching it. However, the story drew me in quickly and set me forth in my quest to finish the novels themselves. 

Boy was it a journey, and I encourage anyone that hasn’t read/watched this story to do so. It’s light-hearted, fun and with a touch of romance to boot ^.^

After the season finished, I was quite scared in waiting for news of season 2. Many were already saying that Yang Yang would not be coming back and that made me die a little inside. I couldn’t fathom any one else as elder brother Ruo Bai *cries*.

HOWEVER~~~ good news came earlier this year, Ji Chang Wook would be taking over as Ruo Bai~~~ WHOOOOOO

Now, I have a small addiction to Ji Chang Wook after watching him in Healer, so I was over the moon at this announcement. Although it’s a little weird knowing that he’s Korean and quite a bit older than the remaining cast.

Most of the cast will be reprising their roles, but the two leads have been changed. Hu Bing Qing will no longer play Qi Bai Cao, but is replaced by An Yue Xi. In terms of first impressions, An Yue Xi seems to suit the innocent personality of Bai Cao better but Hu Bing Qing has the naivety down pat. So the verdict shall be out on who has the better portrayal.


I haven’t actually watched Ji Chang Wook in very many serious roles, he always seems to be dopey or sassy so him playing a cold Ruo Bai…will be interesting to say the least.


He can definitely do the action scenes since these will be less daring than his role in Healer, but the emotiveness of Yang Yang even when he’s as cold as ice…well we shall ave to see.

At least out of the main three, Chen Xiang is coming back as Fang Ting Hao.


And finally, all the cast together at filming ^.^


There are a few new faces that I have yet to put a name or role to, it’s been a while since I read the novel. So if I find out who they are, I’ll be sure to update ~~~

There are 28 episodes for season two timing at about 50-55 minutes each. Double the episode count if watching the 30-35 minutes version. The series is set to air in summer this year on Hunan TV.



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