[STILLS] Legend of Chusen / 诛仙 Releases Character Stills


No new official stills for Li Yi Feng, and still no official info as of yet to the participation of Angelababy as Bi Yao.

Li Yi Feng as Zhang Xiao Fan

Yang Zi as Lu Xue Qi

Cheng Yi as Lin Jing Yu

Tang Yi Xin as Tian Ling Er

( L to R: Wang Yuan as young Zhang Xiao Fan, Wang Jun Kai as young Lin Jing Yu,
Jackson as Xiao Qi)

Qin Jun Jie as Ceng Shu Shu (one of Xiao Fan’s older sect brothers)

Pu Shuo as Li Xun


Li Chen Hao as Fa Xiang


Liu Xue Yi as Xiao Yi Cai


Mao Zi Jun as Qin Wu Yan


We also get two images of the weapons used. One in particular catches my attention…I’m guessing it’s the ‘coal stick’ or its proper name, 烧火棍, used by Zhang Xiao Fan:


And the other is a sword…that I’m not sure who the owner is:


I’ll get back to you on this.



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