[NEW] Novel to Drama Adaptation of ‘Genuine Full-Time Master 1: God of Exile / 全职高手’

There’s news of another novel to network drama adaptation that looks to start filming in 2016 to release in the same year (tentative dates only). Don’t quote me on this xD.


This news only really struck me because of the novel cover. I haven’t read the story myself, but I might just have to. I’d run across it on my search for novel translations with it being found here for those who can read Vietnamese. This particular site hasn’t finished the translations so you will be having to wait a bit…otherwise you can read the novel in Chinese.

The entire novel series has 21 books.

The synopsis reads (Please excuse the name translation as it might be off, if you happen to know what it’s meant to be, do let me know.):

*IGN translate to Autumn Leaves

Ye Xiu* – a master tactician known throughout as the encyclopaedia of the game Glory. For all sorts of reasons, he was expelled from the club by the club manager. After being expelled, leaving the profession, he became the manager of a small net cafe. However, with the gaming experience of ten years, with the memories of those years, with the unfinished self-made weapon, he once again returned to that road to the top…

So far there hasn’t been any potential casting news as far as I’m aware…

I simply love novels based around games, and this one seems to have the potential of being action packed. I’ll do a more in-depth review of the novel if I ever get around to reading it. If it’s any good, I might decide to start translating it. I have yet to see an English version floating around…but who knows.

QQ have already picked this up for online broadcast. Of course all this can still change up until an air date has been set ^.^

If anyone has read the series, let me know what you think. Are you excited to see this?

UPDATE: Thanks to a wonderful commenter, we have an English translation of this novel here. The translation team make daily updates but are currently (noted as true as of Dec 1, 2015) on hiatus due to finals. Please follow the link to check out their work ^.^

However, please note that if you are reading the Vietnamese translation as linked above the cutline, then the two won’t accurately match. This isn’t purely due to grammar, but it’s mainly depiction of various scenes. I’m not sure if it was lost in translation from Chinese to English / Vietnamese….but there are certainly notable differences.

Both are wonderful to read, but it should be noted in case you decide to read both versions and go “What the heck….”



4 thoughts on “[NEW] Novel to Drama Adaptation of ‘Genuine Full-Time Master 1: God of Exile / 全职高手’

  1. Yun says:

    The pic looks pretty cool! Also quite like stories based around games ~ I don’t watch many drama and even then I prefer period ones ~ So don’t think I’ll watch this one but if you d translate it then I’d check it out for sure 🙂


    • imomusings says:

      This particular novel is being added to be to read list. It’s quite lengthy LOL…

      I’m a sucker for game novels. Especially if the main character is OP xD hahhahaha I’m hoping their reality/game balance on screen is done well. It’s sometimes difficult to manage that correctly.


      • Yun says:

        Well it sure is oO Would need a lot of courage and time to translate 21 books oO
        YEAH it’s just so fun when the MC is OP lol Somehow I always end up reading those kinds anyway xD


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