[DRAMA REVIEW] Journey of Flower E01 – E08

I want to try something new…well new in my world since I’ve never seen it done before, episodic drama reviews. Or if I get too lazy….every couple of episodes (more likely if the show airs multiple episodes at once).


Journey of Flower has been a much anticipated drama for me, only because of the two leads, Wallace Huo and Zanilia Zhao. I love Wallace in any sort of period drama and Zanilia is such a cutie and I’m still amazed she’s managed to pull of acting as a 16 year old.

The drama itself has beautiful costuming with wonderful soundtracks. I’m a bit iffy on the dubbing since the voices sound so weird compared to what I’m used to for each actor and the dubbing timing gets really mismatched with the video at points. That aside…anyone who has read the novel series will be dying to figure out which ending the scriptwriters will choose.

I’m hoping for the relatively happy one ^.^

It’s funny because we’re not even a quarter of the way into the series yet and Hua Qian Gu already has 3 potential suitors. The best of which is obviously Bai Zi Hua. Now many of you will disagree with me on this and think that he’s a horrible match for her based on how his indecision affects her but bare with me.

Although it may seem like he consciously chooses to hurt her, he doesn’t really because let’s face it. He basically saves her at least once every episode, starting at 1. More to the point, who doesn’t love his handsome, ethereal face:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.07.13 pm

Do keep in mind that she starts as a 16 year old in the drama…not 12/13.

I know that Dong Fang treats her really well….but so does her ‘disciple’ from Mount Mao and the demon guy (turned girl AHAHAHAH I spent all of episode 7 and 8 laughing about that).

Hua Qian Gu and DOng Fang

Hua Qian Gu and Dong Fang

Add on the Prince who proclaims his love for her in front of everyone…and she basically has a guy in every category possibly imaginable. Martial arts prowess, magic,  money, prestige, good AND evil.

He only appears at the acceptance ceremony

He only appears at the acceptance ceremony

It’s interesting that although BZH constantly has a cold and indifferent facial expression, we get to see his cold heart unfreezing a little as he gets to know HQG more and more. Even though he knows that she will bring misfortune, and probably death, into his future. His heart is still moved by her innocence so he doesn’t really try too hard to kill her. Heck, he even helps her with her sword flying.

On the flipside, we also learn to hate Man Tian a little more every episode as her true and jealous nature shines through.

The wonderful thing about this drama is that it turns all notions of good and evil and the distinction between them, on its head. Take the demon, who is meant to be evil but willingly comes to assist HQG every time purely because he is repaying a debt to the sect leader of Mount Mao. Whereas Man Tian is meant to be good, but has a hidden evil nature.

The best part of eps 1-8, for me, would have to be when she properly takes on the position as sect leader. We see her grow a little as the importance of her position is made clear to her as well as the evil that exists in the world (i.e. political power struggles). Yet even when she is beyond Changliu, BZH still makes an appearance to save her.

I was chuckling to myself at the speed with which he leapt off the bed after she regained consciousness with the transfer of his internal energy xD. What were you thinking there immortal one?

Shou Feng is the one character that I do wonder about. I haven’t fully read the novels myself so don’t really know what his character is meant to be for. He’s the mysterious yet powerful disciple that everyone admires and steers clear of. He’s the ‘arch rival’ of Man Tian in terms of martial arts. He doesn’t really interact with anyone other than HQG. Even then it’s only while he watches on as she struggles against the others.

The internal debate for BZH as to whether he should whether out his fated crisis or to kill of the focal point of it all is real. It’s stupid however, since he is known of the three immortals of Changliu for his righteousness. Why would you make him choose between killing an innocent girl who has a terrible misfortune about her purely for the fact that she brings bad luck to his life?

The story itself makes no sense since you have to wonder if all the angst would have happened at all if BZH’1 sifu had just kept his mouth shut.

If you’re watching the series, let me know what you think ^.^

~~~Till next time~~~


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