[ARTICLE] Nicky Wu on marriage with Cecilia Liu

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If you’re anything like me, or the countless other Ruoxi and Fourth Prince shippers, then you will have avidly been following the progression of Cecilia Liu (Liu Shi Shi) and Nicky Wu’s relationship, and as of this year, marriage.

He recently opened up about his recent status change in an interview with Yangtse Evening Post.

On mentioning his new wife, you get the sense that he is very doting and endeared by her.

“She is not the type of person with a very high professional ambition, but I support her doing the work she wants to do. She doesn’t need to change how she lives and what she likes just because of her new status.”

“She’s not the type of person who wants to buy brand-name clothes and bags. She’s very happy even when buying ten-dollar items on Taobao.”

Now every female of this generation can understand the temptation of online shopping, and Taobao is China’s version of eBay. So knowing this, Nicky must be very happy with his new wife’s restraint and LSS must have an amazing amount of self control…

The two have previously stated that they will hold a wedding ceremony sometime in the future, but dates, venues and guests have yet to be determined. It seems Nicky has left most of the planning to his wife.

“Cecilia’s the one in charge; she has the final say.”

“I feel that the female’s feelings [about the wedding details] are more important.”

This is a man I can admire. Instead of just pushing off the organisation onto his wife. He understand how important the wedding day is to a woman…or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking of a romantic Fourth Prince.

On the work front, both are knee deep in new projects with Nicky planning to embark on a new franchise through his latest producing gig, The Legend of Zu (蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇). A fantasy / wuxia adaptation of a 2001 film by the same title from director, Tsui Hark(徐克).

The series is backed by investments of up to 150 million RMB and will star Nicky Wu, mainland actress Zhao Liying (趙麗穎), and Hong Kong actor William Chan (陳偉霆).

Can we just take a moment to celebrate the fact that William Chan is doing another fantasy / wuxia drama? After watching him in Legend of Ancient Sword, I still can’t get enough of him in ancient attire. That sum of an investment…I’m looking forward to the day the series airs.

The Legend of Zu is also expected to expand into related projects in screenwriting, film, animations, books, records, and games, thus reaching across all sectors of the entertainment industry. Nicky has high hopes for this “chain of industries,” stating, “Everything I’ve learned and accumulated from filming movies and dramas all of these years has a more complete presence in The Legend of Zu.”

I can’t wait for this drama to start production and releasing posters / stills. Although the combination of Nicky Wu and William Chan sort of makes me wonder if there’s going to be a comedy factor in this. Ever since I watched episode 1 of Incisive Great Teacher, I just can’t take Nicky seriously. I must admit though, that his earlier work in Treasure Venture is one of my most treasured and loved series’.

Let’s see if he can go back to that butt kicking, handsome, ancient ways.

Congrats to the two lovebirds, and I’m eagerly awaiting the press release photos of their ceremony ^.^


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