[UPCOMING] The Lost Tomb – 盗墓笔记


Having fallen head over heels for Li Yi Feng in Legend of Ancient Sword. The follow up announcements of him signing on for the full length of the entire Lost Tomb web series (which is planned to span the next 8 years), makes my fangirl heart palpitate with joy and anxiousness.

The timeline is that there will be one season released each year, comprised of about 10 episodes~~.

The first season is set to broadcast through iQiyi on June 1 of this year…although how accurate that date is, is still to be seen. Considering airing dates get shifted around all the time.

Li Yi Feng as Wu Xie / Sean Wu

He is from the Hangzhou Wu family, one of the Changsha Old Nine, a group of families who have been grave-robbing for centuries.

After his parents death, he is sent to study in Germany but his overly keen interest in archaeology makes it futile.

He finds a map to an ancient tomb in an ancient scroll from the Warring States one day which leads him to seek out the tomb in the map. Wu Xie is an innocent and naive character who is loyal to his friends.

Yang Yang as Zhang QI Ling / Kylin Zhang

He is the last member of the Zhang clan with a mysterious tattoo on his shoulder.

A man with a mysterious past whose story leads the last few volumes of the chronicles. He is often hired as an assistant to many grave-robbing endeavors and is highly competent at it; very little is known about him, even his real name.

Liu Tian Zuo as Wang Pang Zi

Nicknamed “Gold Getting Xiao Wei”, he is a northern grave-robber (as opposed to Wu Xie, from the south) and teams up with both Wu and Zhang ; together they are referred to as the “Iron Triangle.”

Although big in stature, he is very good at researching.

Ken Chang as Wu San Sheng

Wu Xie’s third uncle. An experienced grave-robber with a few well-kept secrets.

He has a keen interest in tombs and antiques. He joins the group to locate the tomb under the request of his nephew, Wu Xie.

Wei Wei As Pan Zi

Sansheng’s right-hand man, who had served in the Vietnam War prior to becoming a grave-robber.

Tiffany Tang as A Ning

A grave-robber and the main female protagonist.

Her motives are unclear but seems to be working against Wu Xie and his group.

Cheng Pei Pei as Elderly Mrs. Huo

Part of the Changsha Old Nine. She isHuo Ling’s mother and  Huo Xiu Xiu’s grandmother.

She previously had a love affair with Wu Lao Gou (Wu Xie’s grandfather).

Ying Er as Huo Xiu Xiu

She is a descendent of the Changsha Old nine, Huo Ling’s niece.

Rise as Rokuta

Original character.

Unclear whether friend or foe.

Sun Yao Qi as Chen Cheng Cheng

Original character.

She is the same as High Shao.

She joins the party due to her friendship with Wu Xie.

Li Chen Hao as High Shao

Orignal character.

He is Wu Xie’s college friend with a strong sense of justice.

To help a friend out, he will follow the group to the very end


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