[RECAP] Doctors’ Affairs E01

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_13 Apr 2015 11.42.20 am

Viki subbing takes a few days to complete, but the beauty of a licensed drama is that it is GUARANTEED to be finished in a few days ^.^!

I finally watched the first episode of this with subs…and I’m not sure what to think yet. Saito Takumi, as expected, is amazing in this drama.

CAUTION: DO NOT watch the opening song in the vicinity of your parents. I have warned you!
This review contains images that may be considered inappropriate for young children. 

The opening of the episode shows the ending scene of the episode with our male lead….watching…..our female lead….

and hugging….

Not creepy at all, nope.

Cut to their first meeting and it gets even weirder.

So the two just happen to be in the same venue for different reasons and it is revealed that the female lead, Chizuru Kondo is a career woman who has let herself pass the age of marriage. Morita Haruki (Saito Takumi) is too, asked about his plans for marriage, not before he gently scoffs that his patients are his priority right now.

Cue a good scenario for doctors to meet:

Could they have made this anymore dramatic? That aside, the scene, combined with BG music make us feel as if it was love at first sight for Haruki. Not to mention all the hair flicking and zooming.

The two work together to stabilise the man while Chizuru gets a call about being needed at the hospital for emergency surgery. So what does she do? Run there.

Yeah…don’t ask. While she’s off doing her doctorly duty, Haruki travels with our unconscious man by ambulance while…surprise surprise, looking out the window.

No really, he spends a good amount of time looking out the window so I’m not sure what kind of treatment that guy is getting.

Funnily enough, it turns out that Haruki will be starting at the same hospital as Chizuru as the new surgeon. He sees her the next day to return the pearls of her broken necklace. We also finally get to see them in their natural day-to-day habitats ^.^.

At a hospital where profit and career advancement means more than treating patients, and love plays second fiddle to work…there’s surprisingly a lot of ‘secret’ relationships going on. In between doctor-patient interaction, there’s some frisky business between medical staff.

Kinds under 18, please walk away now.

First off, let’s introduce our main triangle:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_13 Apr 2015 12.15.59 pm

This scene is all sorts of awkward, because for one, the two in chairs probably aren’t even sure they like each other and the one with the coffee is staking claims on ‘property’ that isn’t his.

Skipping all that, we can’t forget a classic scene like this:

It’s moments like this that make me forget the age difference between these two characters…roughly 7 years give or take. Probably helps that Takumi-san is sooooooooo much taller than she is.

The rest of the episode basically revolves around cutting between scenes of raunchy affairs between fellow doctors and the two mains actually carrying out their duties as doctors.

I count, one cheating couple:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.48.46 am

And one guy that’s double dipping:

Dr. Morita is never far away though, to pull us from scenes we would much rather forget we had ever seen. A true gentleman to the end:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.49.19 am

Then of course, we have him being injured while preventing Dr. Kondo from being injured during an admission to emergency. She being the caring person that she is, returns the favour by treating him:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.49.48 am

While our hearts ache for Dr. Morita and the knowledge that this love line is destined to turn absurd, we get introduced to the doting son side of him through a wonderful phone call to his mother:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.50.53 am

We also get to see Takumi’s charisma in action while Dr. Morita stands up for his beliefs at the open conference (that includes the evil CEO man who is more interested in his money).

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.50.05 am

Not long after which, we see how truly shallow the Professors are when they start doing their rounds…together…




[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.51.03 am

It is also implied that Professor Nagashima is in charge of the hospital…in name only.

It wouldn’t be a drama though, without some well placed emergencies. So in the middle of rounds, a nurse comes running to inform the doctors (since they all seem to be in one place), that one of the patients’ needs immediate care.

Off run the only two doctors with a good bone in their body. Turns out the patient needs emergency surgery, but no one else in the department wants to take charge. The patient belongs to Dr. Takashima (the double-dipping guy). Who is known for his holier than thou attitude.

So who volunteers? Dr. Morita and Dr. Kondo as assistant and surgeon respectively, to the surprise of Dr. Morita.

This is the first step to Dr. Kondo finally turning good ^.^

Creepy people watching ensues:

After all is said and done, the two take some time to admire the cherry blossoms:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.57.15 am

All the while, being watched by this guy:

[NOP] Doctors' Affairs (Ishitachi no Renai Jijou) - 01 [Raw] [720p]_20 Apr 2015 3.57.26 am

Yup, you guessed it, double-dipping dude be wanting to triple-dipping…*cries*

I’m glad that she only holds him in contempt and professional regard.


So aside from all the creepy people watching and overly adult scenes, episode 1…was ok. Only ok because of the two main characters and their weird dance from professional respect to I kinda like you but I’m not sure  to  we can’t have relationships in the work place.

There isn’t really much depth to any of the characters other than Drs Morita & Kondo. Although my judgement will probably be too presumptuous and proven wrong later on.

I hold hope for character development later on because the series has potential, but if the characters remain as they are…I’ll give up in probably 5 episodes or so. I’m a sucker for Japanese dramas that involve medicine in any way…plus it’s Saito Takumi xD.

Have you watched this episode? What did you think?


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