[K-DRAMA] School 2013 – 하교 2013

Holiday drama bingeing is the most dangerous fangirl period of all time. I had heard and seen so much hype surrounding this drama but had never gotten to actually watching it. I’m not a big fan of the female teacher and hadn’t known about any of the others before I started watching Doctor Stranger with Lee Jong Suk. So I decided, why not. Let’s see where he started from and boy…was I blown away. Continue reading


[K-DRAMA] Healer – 힐러

After having come back from a trip to Korea over the Christmas break and stumbling across this amazing drama. I couldn’t wait until the series finished airing for me to get my hands on it!!

In all honesty, I’ve never watched a Ji Chang Wook drama before…I KNOW!! Shame on me but, like Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook is one of those actors that you only really stumble over (by accident in Empress Ki). When I learnt he would be involved in an action melodrama…I fan girl fainted!!

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