[RECAP] Blood (블러드) E01

After having aired 10 episodes to date, Blood viewers can probably already tell whether they want to continue watching the drama or ditch it altogether. Here I bring you my recaps of the episodes to hopefully help you in your decision.

WARNING: The following may include screenshots with a vast amount of blood and/or surgical scenes.

Unlike most drama beginnings, Blood does a bit of a time skip at the beginning of Episode 1.

We are introduced to the main character within minutes of the opening in a rather unusual setting.

We welcome you, Park Ji Sang (and sometimes referred to as Jason…I think. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet.) It looks like he’s going to do save grave robbing but we’re more interested in this:

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 10.59.00 pm

The first indication that this is a drama about vampires. Although it seems that the premise will be based on physiology rather than mythology if physical evidence of existence like this is shown.

Our protagonist is shown to be in war torn Kochenia serving as a medical officer:

I must say, the writers have, within 10 minutes of opening, established without a doubt that our main man is a vampire.

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 11.01.18 pm

Not to mention, added some morbid humour as well.

These little green pills become symbolic throughout the episode:

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 11.01.42 pm

Based on his actions after taking them, it isn’t a leap of faith to consider them as a trigger for his innate vampiric abilities.

Which, funnily enough, include the ability to jump great heights and the ability to sense a person’s anatomy.

Cue surgical scenes to demonstrate is prodigy level surgical skills as he carries out a life saving operation.

What would a drama be if it didn’t involve some good butt kicking int he first 20 minutes.

Yes…tell the men with automatic guns that this is their last chance. I guess having super strength and smarts doesn’t include street smarts considering he basically goads them into shooting him to death. However, we all know that he will rise again, quite literally.

Now, we finally get to see his vampirism in all its beauty, blue veins, yellow eyes, elongated fingernails and all. Yes dearie, it’s pretty obvious, you don’t have to say it again.

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 11.05.27 pm

Now we get a little monologue from the main man himself about the origins of vampirism as a result of genetics rather than some weird mythology. He explains the science behind staying young and notes that vampires DO die, just not for a very long time.

We finally get to meet vampire daddy in a flashback to Ji Sang’s childhood.

On the night of Halloween, the fateful meeting occurs. On the outset we get a little black irony with a kid turning up in a vampire costume. Trailed by men in black robes. Black robes never mean anything good in dramaland.

Which is evidenced when daddy gets beat to a pulp and begs for the life of his family from the evil man. Remember his face everyone, he’s important.

So from this, we can guess that mummy and bub aren’t on the premises. Cue baby vampire ^.^

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 11.08.38 pm

Another time lapse and we get to meet teen vampire boy. Who is, in all that is good drama angsty about his morbid hand in life while his mum keeps the secrets of the family at bay.

Even at this young age, we can see that his abilities have already manifested in his rapid healing.

But we also note that he knows exactly what he is.

The bad guys are lurking around and cause trouble in the forest, using a little girl as bait. Cue the introduction of lead female.

The string of fate has now been securely fastened, even if they don’t know each other’s names.

He doesn’t get away unscathed though, but his injury allows us to see a unique aspect of his vampirism. Apparently his blood allows him to have a green thumb. Magic flowers anyone?

Our teen vamp is able to save the girl’s life but his mum isn’t so lucky.

Don’t worry though, mum installed a fail safe to save our little vamp, but sadly isn’t able to save herself.

Time skip to present day Kochenia and our vampire boy, is now a vampire man. Providing medical assistance whilst being showered upon by live fire. He receives a call from his ‘little brother’, although the dialogue suggests the younger doesn’t realise where his ‘hyung’ really is.

And the stage is set for where our drama will play out, Taemin Cancer Hospital will be introduced in Episode 2.

The closing scene of Episode 1?

블러드.E01.150216.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH_21 Mar 2015 11.21.44 pm


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