[C-Drama] Boss & Me – 杉杉来了

I’m late jumping on the bandwagon for this lighthearted C-Drama, but as they say, better late than never. One word of advice before you decide to start watching…if you have any pressing commitments such as school work that requires finishing, DON’T START THIS DRAMA. I made the mistake of thinking I could multi-task with drama and work like I normally do, but with Boss & Me, that’s just not going to work. You will only enjoy this drama to its full capacity when you are paying it 100% attention, and you no doubt will. It will draw you in and have you hypnotised before you can say ‘boss’. Drama details from Dramawiki:

  • Title: 杉杉来了 / Shan Shan Lai Le
  • Also known as: 杉杉的美味爱情 Shan Shan De Mei Wei Ai Qing, 杉杉来吃 Shan Shan Lai Chi
  • Genre: Romance, Modern Drama
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: JSTV
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-08 to 2014-Jul-20
  • Opening theme song: Feng Zhi Nuo Yan (风之诺言) Wind’s Promise by Zhang Han (张翰)
  • Ending theme song: Shen Bu You Ji (身不由己) Involuntary by He Jie (何洁)
  • Insert songs:
    • Ou Ran 偶然 Accidental by Dish Band (Dish 乐队)
    • Roll The Dice by Gao Shan (高姗)

You know the drama is going to be good, when the awesome opening song is sung by the leading male. Zhang Han is normally not the type of actor that would have me going weak at the knees…who am I kidding, yes he would… but even for people whose style he doesn’t match, you WILL find yourself swooning. The on screen couple of Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han make for a contrasting pair and you can’t help but root for the cute couple ^.^”. e574ade5gw1eijmzlqqgaj21111jkjywZhang Han plays Feng Teng, Wind Group’s (a play on Feng) CEO who has a cold exterior but mushy warm…interior? He finds it difficult to openly express his emotions until he meets and starts to develop feelings for Zhao Li Ying, who plays Shan Shan. Another title that this drama is known by is ‘Shan Shan Comes to Eat’, which I find is a more apt description.

The drama basically begins when Feng Teng brings Shan Shan in to donate blood as a precaution for his sister, Feng Yue (played by Zhang Yang Guo Er) who goes into delivery. Shan Shan  and Feng Yue share a unique blood type (known in the drama as ‘panda’ blood). Wind Group has an open recruitment policy when it comes to those with this rare blood type. If two employees have similar qualifications, priority will be given to the person with ‘panda’ blood, which is how Shan Shan came to be hired.

From this opening scene, the drama develops around Shan Shan being ‘rewarded’ with blood nourishing food by Feng Yue. Feng Teng catches Shan Shan eating outside his office window one day and from there, the strange relationship between the two begins. As always, a love rival (or should I say rival/S) appears, but contrary to most dramas, you just can’t hate Yuan Li Shu (played by Lvy Lee) and Zheng Qi (played by Huang Minh). e574ade5gw1eijmzmmt0ej21111jkwnl A drama is not complete without some comedic or emotional relief. For Boss & Me, the members of the upper class family aren’t stuffy and overbearing, rather they’re very understanding and…dare I say it, human. Feng Teng’s sister, Feng yue and her husband, Yan Qing (played by Bai Ke Ly) are the two characters that we see most often trying to provide a helping hand in getting Feng Teng and Shan Shan together. e574ade5gw1eijn08zb3sj20rs0ijwhz Shan Shan’s friends, Xue Liu Liu (played by Shi An Ni, on right) and Lu Shuang Yi (played by Wang Ting, on left) act as the devil and angel relationship advisors. Sometimes watching the girls together makes me just want to pull my hair out and choke someone, but I can’t help loving them for at least trying to help Shan Shan. e86dbdeejw1eihx657fyyj20xc0m8duy The drama plays out quite nicely with an adequate amount of melodrama to keep you interested and all loose ends are tied by the end of the series. Overall, it’s a fulfilling watch and a series that I’ll most likely never get tired of. Although it is a bit dangerous seeing as how it’s now made me go on the hunt for more Zhang Han dramas T_T.

Here are some trailers:

I’m not quite sure whether I’ll do recaps yet or just reviews for episodes…let’s see how lazy I get xD.


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